Grand Rapids residents say trash billing is a mess

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — People say they're having problems with the city of Grand Rapids' automated trash hauling payment system.

The grpayit system, which launched last year, allows residents to pay bills, tickets and for garbage pick-up.

“When they switched the billing system that they’re using, that’s when the problem started,” said Shannon Maggert, a resident of Plymouth Avenue SE for 18 years.

On a neighborhood website, some residents complained their balances were wrong and that they were getting charged for multiple pick-ups on the same day.

“When they go into the old system and then they read off and tell you what tips you have, those are totally different than what it shows when I go to the website and check myself,” Maggert said.

After 24 Hour News 8 took the complaints to Grand Rapids City Treasurer John Globensky, who said the city would investigate.

"This is really something we need to be brought forward to us,” he said.

The city reached out to the people who came to 24 Hour News 8 and looked at what was going wrong.

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