Proposal 1 reignites marijuana legalization debate


GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Should Michigan legalize marijuana? That’s the question Proposal 1 is asking voters to decide next week.

Proposal 1 would let Michigan residents buy, possess and grow marijuana if they are the proper age and within the established limits. It would also allow marijuana to be sold through state-licensed retailers.

According to the official ballot language, this proposal would:

  • Allow individuals 21 and older to purchase, possess and use marijuana and marijuana-infused edibles, and grow up to 12 marijuana plants for personal consumption.
  • Impose a 10-ounce limit for marijuana kept at residences and require amounts over 2.5 ounces be secured in locked containers.
  • Create a state licensing system for marijuana businesses and allow municipalities to ban or restrict them.
  • Permit retail sales of marijuana and edibles subject to a 10 percent tax, dedicated to implementation costs, clinical trials, schools, roads, and municipalities where marijuana businesses are located.
  • Change several current violations from crimes to civil infractions.

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