Family offers forgiveness after deadly crash

MONTCALM TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WOOD) — A Facebook post by the at-fault driver in a crash that killed a Tri County kindergarten teacher is becoming an online inspiration.

The crash happened Saturday afternoon on M-91 near the Turk Lake Restaurant & Bar after Eric Zerka fell asleep at the wheel on his way home, crossing the center lane and causing a collision that killed 53-year-old Shelly Gilman.

Facebook can be a brutal or uplifting place. Zerka had no idea how his post would be received, but he knew he had to share the story.

"I needed to take action for what I had done," said Zerka.

His Facebook page is normally filled with fishing and hunting pictures. This is the first time he posted something so personal.

"When it started off I didn't think that it was really something that special," said Zerka.

Shortly after he hit share, the comments and messages began pouring in.

"It's pretty amazing what one little story can do for other people," he added.

Saturday was Zerka's first day off in a while. He chose to spend the morning fishing with friends, he was almost home when he got sleepy.

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