Could The Military Help Stop The Incoming Caravan On Our Southern Border?


The Central American migrants moving their way through Mexico Tuesday as part of a caravan is forging ahead in its long journey to the U.S.-Mexico border.

The first waves of migrants — who U.N. officials estimate may be as high as 7,200 and growing — began arriving late Monday to the small southern Mexican town of Huixtla after an exhausting eight-hour trek. They were at least 1,100 miles from McAllen, Texas, the nearest U.S.-Mexico border entry. 

Donald Trump has said that he has alerted the military and federal border authorities that a US-bound migrant caravan from Central America was a “national emergency”, and warned that the United States would to decrease aid to the region.

Would military intervention help stop the caravan or would it just make things worse? Colonel Denny Gillem, Host of Frontlines of Freedom – Military News & Talk Radio Show, stopped by WML to talk about what would happen if the military got involved with protecting our border


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