4 projects to bring 281 jobs to West Michigan

There are four job announcements being bundled together today by the MEDC. Below is information on 4 that involve West Michigan. In total, the 4 companies will create 281 jobs and invest $113.8 million in West Michigan.

  • Aerospace and defense contractor Amphenol Borisch Technologies is investing $3.7 million to expand its Kentwood headquarters. Will create 82 jobs.
  • Auto dealership contractor DealerOn is expanding in the City of Grand Rapids. Growth will create 44 high-tech jobs.
  • Life sciences contractor Grand River Aseptic to add 107 new jobs and invest $63.5 million into a new facility in Grand Rapids. 
  • Auto supplier Magna Mirrors Newaygo is investing $45 million to create 48 new jobs in Newaygo.

via The Right Place


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