Bra designed for breast cancer survivors now for sale

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — The thermal bra, which was designed to keep breast cancer survivors warm post reconstructive surgery, is now for sale.  

The thermal bra has been years in the making. Jody Faber is the woman behind the idea. Faber brought the idea to Spectrum Health Innovations who collaborated with Central Michigan University to turn the idea into a product.

Since this time last year, about 200 women volunteered to go through a "wearer trial" phase.

"The women gave us a lot of feedback about the fact that they want to be able to wear the bra under a snug t-shirt and have it not show through," said Susanne Wroblewski, Thermal Bra’s chief operations officer. "They want it be able to have the fabrics be really soft."

The thermal bra comes in two different styles and 14 different sizes. Sizes range from a small B cup to 42-D.

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