Mothers plead for information on son's shooting

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Gavino Saldivar has been in intensive care for nearly a month and doctors have given him little chance of recovering and police continue to look for the shooter.  

But for the two women he calls mom, hoping for a miracle keeps them going.  

It began late Sept. 14 after shots rang out on Temple Street near Eastern Avenue, leaving Saldivar bleeding in the street.  

Police say almost 20 rounds were fired at the vehicle after a brief encounter in a neighborhood known for gang activity.  

“The doctors call it a miracle, they said he never should have lived,” said Jennifer Schenck, who is engaged to Saldivar’s mother Claudette Fye, but he calls both mom.  

Both maintain vigil, driving back and forth from their home in Erie, Pennsylvania, where their other three children live.  

Saldivar came to Grand Rapids eight months before he was shot when he got a good paying job working construction that allows him to support his 18-month-old daughter Sarina.  

“He’ll squeeze, he’ll make eye-contact just to let you know ‘hey, I’m in here,’” Schenck said. 

He is too unstable to move to Pennsylvania, and they may move here to be near him.  

“We live minute-by-minute, hour-by-hour and now we’re going day-by-day, but he’s young, he’s strong, he will heal,” said Schenck. 

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