Community sharing childhood memories in 'Toys' exhibit

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — The Grand Rapids Public Museum’s upcoming exhibit, "Toys," will remind many of their best childhood playtime memories. Generations of kids define their childhood by the toys they played with, and that is exactly what this exhibit will showcase.

The nostalgic exhibit opens Oct. 27 with the help of community members. Alex Florist, the Grand Rapids Public Museum curator, said sharing comes naturally with this exhibit.

“The great part about doing a toys exhibit is everybody's interested in helping out, everybody wants to share their toys,” Florist told 24 Hour News 8. The sharing is done enthusiastically, “It seems like everybody we talked to whether they were on staff, whether they were friends of friends, people we collaborated with were really actually excited about sharing their toys.”

Toys provided by the community can either be kept permanently by the museum or borrowed for the exhibit. Amanda Roozeboom is a community member that is gifting her toys — an opportunity she discovered through a friend who volunteers at the museum.

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