Outages blamed for faulty siren warnings in Ionia Co.

LAKE ODESSA, Mich. (WOOD) — A company has been brought in to fix a faulty tornado siren in one Ionia County town.

The siren in the village of Lake Odessa has activated twice in the last week.

Lake  Odessa Fire Chief Jeff Sanderson says power outages in the village have  created surges that set off the alarm. He assures the siren will work  in the case of severe weather. 

But the accidental soundings have been a nuisance, so a company was called in to try to prevent the problem.

This  is not the first siren problem Lake Odessa has run into. In April 2017,  a tornado cut just to the north and west of the village, but its siren never sounded.

Lake  Odessa police said a radio receiver that activates the siren from the  county 911 center failed. It was repaired the next day. 

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