ArtPrize entry urges prostate cancer awareness

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — When you visit downtown Grand Rapids for  ArtPrize 10, there's plenty that will catch your eye — even if you look  up.

You may catch sight of something blue and it may have you wondering.

"I  think it's going to be fun for people as they see those to ask that  question: what is this about? And really this is our way of introducing a  new nonprofit in West Michigan," Paul Boyer told 24 Hour News 8  Tuesday.

Boyer is co-founder of the new West Michigan Prostate Health Alliance.  He and four other community leaders an came up with the idea for the  group, which they believe is greatly needed in the region. Boyer, who  survived prostate cancer himself, said statistics for West Michigan are  surprising — and in a bad way.

"A thousand guys a year are  diagnosed with prostate cancer, every year. That's almost three a day.  Three today, three tomorrow. So you can see there's a big need here to  get this word out that this is important. Get checked," Boyer said.

To serve that goal, the nonprofit collaborated with Detroit-area sculptor John Sauve to create an installation called "Man in The City: A Conversation of Numbers." It's a 7-foot steel sculpture of a man painted blue for prostate cancer  awareness. The main sculpture is on the Blue Bridge, but there are 11  other blue men on rooftops all across downtown.

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