Texas votes to cut Hillary Clinton, Helen Keller from school history texts

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by Mariam Sharia

The Texas Board of Education has voted to remove Hillary Clinton, Helen Keller, and several other historical figures from the K-12 social studies curriculum, according to a report from USA Today.

The vote was made following recommendations on revisions from the Texas Education Agency, which established a working group to review current curriculum standards.

The board says its decision to remove certain historical figures is not a ban on teaching about them, reports the Dallas Morning News. Instead, teaching about figures like Keller and Clinton optional.

The decision was triggered after several members of the 15-person working group concluded there were too many historical figures for Texas kids to have to remember.

Also on the chopping block: Lessons about Barry Goldwater, the first Jewish candidate to run for president from a major party.

High schoolers had previously learned about Hillary Clinton under a "citizenship" portion of the curriculum which included "significant political and social leaders" such as Andrew Carnegie, Sandra Day O'Connor, and Thurgood Marshall.

Similarly, third-graders learned about Keller in a lesson about "the characteristics of good citizenship."

According to the rubric for inclusion, Clinton scored a 5 out of 21 points. Keller scored a 7 out of 20. Teachers will still be required to teach lessons on former president Bill Clinton.

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