Hudsonville native rides out Florence in NC

LELAND, N.C., Mich. (WOOD) — As Hurricane Florence approached the coast of North Carolina early Friday morning, Hudsonville native Melissa Cellucci was wide awake at her home near Wilmington.

"The wind just really picked up and howled," Cellucci said over the phone Saturday morning. "I just stayed awake, just listening and hoping that nothing was going to, you know, fall on our house or anything like that.

"My kids were all asleep and safe. Some slept in the walk-in closet that we had just to feel the safest away from windows and everything like that," she continued. 

Later in the day, once winds had somewhat subsided, Cellucci was able capture video of the storm looking out her back deck.

Her home was ultimately spared damage, but the fence surrounding the property was not. Pictures from around the neighborhood show uprooted trees and debris everywhere. 

Full story: WOOD TV


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