Girl with brain tumor saved by clinical trial

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (via WOOD TV 8) — When you look at Maddie Pagel these days, it is difficult to imagine her at 4 months old, fighting for her life.  

"When they said a brain tumor, I was like 'no way, how is she 4 months old and has this?'" Maddie's mother Tracy Pagel says.  

She had just had her four-month checkup. 

"Then that night I heard excessive vomiting from her room and I went in there and she was like almost having a seizure," Pagel said.  

That's when she took Maddie to the hospital. After some tests, doctors discovered a golf ball-size mass in her brain. She was diagnosed with the aggressive form of brain cancer known as choroid plexus carcinoma that had spread to her spine.

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