Detroit group wants you to donate your Nike gear instead of burning it

(Courtesy - A man who saw people burning Nikes in protest on social media has now started a group with the intention of getting people to donate their Nike apparel instead of burning it

David Clegg, from Bloomfield Township, saw people tearing up and burning Nike products on social media in protest of the company choosing Colin Kaepernick as a spokesperson.

The ad features Kapenerick's face with the quote, "Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything," with the Nike swoosh and "Just Do It" slogan.

Clegg said that seeing people burn or destroy the products seemed wasteful. 

"There are a lot of folks that won't be wearing their Nike items anymore," Clegg said. "Surely some of them don't' feel the need to destroy shoes and apparel."

Clegg said they plan to donate any shoes or other items to homeless shelters and veterans groups in the metro Detroit area. Those who want to donate can send a private message in the Facebook group and Clegg will let you know when they will be collecting the items. 

You can join his Facebook group here to learn more.


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