Jon Kyl appointed to take John McCain's Senate seat

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey has appointed former U.S. Sen Jon Kyl to take the Senate seat left vacant by the passing of John McCain. Ducey confirmed the pick in a tweet Tuesday, and formally announced it in a  news conference.

"We're all aware of the size of the void John McCain leaves," Ducey said. 

Ducey  said there is "no replacing" McCain, but the law requires him to find a replacement, and the people of Arizona deserve someone to represent  them. Kyl and McCain served together for a time in the Senate. 

Ducey  said he hasn't received an assurance from Kyl to serve the remainder of McCain's term through 2020, but Kyl has agreed to serve at least  through the current term in Congress, "and it's my hope that he serves longer." Legally, the appointment could last through 2020. Kyl said he  doesn't intend to run for the seat in the future, or for any other  seat. 

Those close to McCain expressed their support for Kyl on Tuesday. 

Full story from CBS | Photo: Getty Images


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