Kalamazoo proposes 'graffiti gardens' for 2 parks

KALAMAZOO, Mich. (WOOD) — From bridges to street signs, graffiti can be found pretty much anywhere. But the city of Kalamazoo may soon encourage it, as long as it’s in the right places. 

“You know, you see the stuff on the train... some of the art is just incredible,” said Sean Fletcher, director of parks and recreation for Kalamazoo.

Fletscher thinks graffiti is a problem in Kalamazoo that will always be around; that’s why the city is now working to create a legal way to channel that “art.”

“I think we’re trying to be creative in coming up with some solutions to minimize it,” he explained.

The city is proposing a concept known as “graffiti gardens.” City workers would install sheets of plywood in Upjohn Park near downtown and Rockwell Park in the Eastside. Graffiti artists could spray paint and express their art in any way they see fit, with some exceptions.

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