Sports OT: GR Sports Hall of Fame inductee Kaman

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Chris Kaman will join a special club this year: He's being inducted into the Grand Rapids Sports Hall of Fame.

Kaman played basketball for Tri-Unity Christian High School, then Central Michigan University. He was drafted to the NBA in 2003 and spent 13 years there.

"I think I was just blessed," Kaman said. "I always dreamed of it … I did not know I was any good at basketball until my third year of college when we played Michigan at Michigan and we beat them. I had a really good game and everybody was talking about it. I wouldn't have thought I could go to the NBA."

He said it never occurred to him who the scouts who started showing up at games were there to watch.

"My teammates were like, 'They're coming to watch you, you idiot,'" he said. "Then I started to click and put things together."



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