Car wrap scam pops back up in West Michigan

HASTINGS, Mich. (WOOD) — A Hastings man reached out to Target 8 when his wife got an unusual job offer via email: She could make $500 per week if she just wrapped her car in a Dr. Pepper decal.

“I’d said, ‘Wouldn’t that be nice to get paid for just driving around,’” Troy Anderson recalled.

But almost immediately, there were red flags that it was a scam.  

“It looks like a copied logo,” Anderson said, referring to the Dr. Pepper logo on the letter his wife received after she signed up for the job online. “I think Dr. Pepper would probably be able to afford stationary.”

The letter, which was supposedly from an individual named Andrew Cole, was accompanied by a check for $1,998. The writer instructed Anderson’s wife to deposit the check and send a copy of the deposit slip to a gmail address:\

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