Dramatic Video Captures 12-Year-Old Boy Being Rescued From Flood Waters


Heavy rains have continued to soak Pennsylvania causing major flooding, which trapped a 12-year-old boy on a fallen tree. As flood waters raged around the tree the Friendship Fire Dive and Rescue Team worked with Kimberton firefighters to rescue the young boy. 

Dramatic video captured the rescue workers as they tossed him a rope and then maneuvered a small inflatable boat as close to him as they could. Once the boat was in place, the boy overcame any fear he had and jumped from the tree onto the boat and rescue workers pulled him to dry land. 

The young boy was reportedly playing with his friends near a creek when he was swept away by the flood waters. He managed to grab the tree and pull himself to safety until rescue workers could pull him to shore. The boy was checked out by medics on the scene and was cleared to return home to his family.

More rain is in the forecast and authorities are bracing for the worst. They expect more road closures and are urging people to stay off the streets, which could flood at any time as the severe weather continues.


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