New technology warning swimmers of beach conditions

SOUTH HAVEN, Mich. (WOOD) — The City of South Haven is bringing technology to the beach. Beachgoers can use their smartphone, tablet or computer to check swimming conditions in real time.

It may be the first of its kind in Michigan.

"We did some internet searches to see if anyone else was doing it, see if we could copy them, but we were unable to find that,” said Ronald Wise, executive director of South Haven Area Emergency Services.  “So, we had our IT department develop it."

People hitting the beach who plan on swimming can point, click or tap to find out real-time conditions by opening their browser and going to the City of South Haven’s website. It shows what color the flags are on each of the 14 flagpoles on seven different South Haven beaches.

"Each day, the National Weather Service posts the daily flag conditions,” Wise told 24 Hour News 8.  “They forecast what the wave heights and water conditions are going to be, and sometimes that doesn't always mimic exactly what Lake Michigan is doing. There (are) some days where it's a red flag day but our beaches are still relatively flat that don't meet red flag conditions."

Although following a flag’s recommendation isn’t mandatory, Wise says it’s still a good idea to heed a red flag’s warning.

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