Kent Co. road budget bump means more projects in 2019

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Get ready for extra orange cones next year: The Kent County Road Commission is fast-tracking some road projects after getting a bump in its budget from the state.

"For next year, we are able to increase the size of our program by almost $11 million," said Steve Warren, managing director of the Kent County Road Commission.  

The extra cash came from a variety of sources; the bulk of it came from extra cash in the state's general fund. This year, the Legislature voted to give about $9 million of that to the Kent County Road Commission. 

"There are many projects throughout the county that we will be looking to add. We are adding, countywide, about 17 miles more in reconstruction and preservation work next year," Warren said.  

The county has moved up the following projects for the next construction season:  

  • Widening 76th Street to five lanes from Clyde Park Avenue to Gordon Industrial Drive SW
  • Resurfacing Northland Drive from 18 Mile Road to the county line
  • Resurfacing Cascade Road from Forest Hill Drive to Spaulding Ave.  
  • Resurfacing Lincoln Lake Avenue just north of the Lowell city line to Bailey Drive
  • Resurfacing Lamoreaux Drive from Alpine Avenue to West River Drive  

While drivers will encounter more detours, Warren says it’s worth it.

"We have a saying that good roads cost money. It costs money to invest in road improvements. But poor roads cost more. When I say that they are more costly to maintain because we have to patch that, they are more costly to the public because of increased bent rims and things like that," said Warren. 

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