Grandparents can now rent a grandkid to help combat loneliness

Grandparents can now rent a grandkid to help with daily tasks or for companionship.

The pals, as they’re often referred to as, help fill the gaps for a senior citizen when their family is unavailable.

Kristy Shannon and Barbara Carroll-Marks have only known each other for a few months but they’re already finishing each other’s sentences.

“I’m just safer, you know,” Carroll-Marks said.

“There’s less chance of her falling or not seeing something on the ground,” Shannon said.

Carroll-Marks is 66, a retired computer programmer. Shannon is 35, and taking health management classes at Palm Beach State.

Today, they’re at the beach. Other days they could be shopping, at church or at an appointment. They're grandma and grandkid, but not in a traditional sense.



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