Woman says she tried to help friend, got stabbed

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — A Grand Rapids woman helping a friend in an alleged domestic abuse situation says she was attacked for doing so, getting slashed with a knife seven times.

"If I can try to help somebody, I try to help them," Bianca Nunn said. "That's the golden rule: do unto others. I'm willing to stick my neck on the line. I wish somebody would do it for me."

The incident happened Friday, but no one had been charged as of Tuesday. Nunn said she wants police to move faster and lock up her attackers. The Grand Rapids Police Department says it is investigating, but doesn't have enough evidence to warrant an arrest.

Nunn said the assault happened after she helped a friend get a restraining order against her friend's husband. A few days later, Nunn said, the husband pulled up alongside her in broad daylight while she was picking up dinner near Hall Street and Prospect Avenue SE.

"He rolls the window down and he's like, 'Don't get killed," Nunn recalled.

She said the husband's girlfriend then jumped out of the husband's car and slashed her car's tires. Nunn said she tried to stop the girlfriend, getting into a physical fight with her.

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