Google IT training coming to GRCC


GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Just one more course at Grand Rapids Community College and Ryan Linak will be out in the real world.

Finding a job related to his field of study won’t be an issue. 

“I can work for a huge manufacturer with network administration. I could possibly do government contracting. Anywhere that has a computer is someplace that I could work,” he explained. 

But the Ryan Linaks of this world are hard to come by these days. The information technology field has been hard hit by a worker shortage.

“They're flooded with work, and they just need people,” Linak said of the companies he’s talked to. 

That’s where Google comes in. The tech giant developed a professional IT certification program online, which launched in January.

Google says its program is aimed at training people with no prior experience to be an IT support professional in about eight months.

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