Police to target theft-vulnerable vehicles at concert


GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Marki Firth doesn't leave anything to chance when she parks her car.

“I try to (never) leave my purse, or my backpack,” Firth said as she paid for a metered parking spot near Van Andel Arena Friday. “So even when I leave class and come down here for lunch I don't even leave my backpack in my car, it's always with me.”

But not everyone is as security conscious as Firth.

“What a lot of these guys do, is they just walk around and they'll just check door handles as they're going down the street,” said Grand Rapid Police Detective Sgt. Keith Hefner, describing bad guys’ mode of operation.

If a crook finds one unlocked, most of them are in and out in 20 seconds.

“They're looking for something they can quick turn into cash. Whether that's a credit card or an iPod I could sell on the street,” Hefner said.

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