Expert: Report calls for lower acceptable level of PFAS

ATLANTA, Ga. (WOOD) — A PFAS report the Environmental Protection  Agency allegedly said would cause a “public relations nightmare” if  released, is now public.

Politico reported earlier this year that  the EPA was blocking the release of the study on PFAS’ effects on humans  because of the “public relations nightmare” it would cause.

>>PDF: Toxicological Profile of Perfluoroalkyls

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention posted the 852-page report on its website Wednesday.

Grand  Valley State University water expert Dr. Richard Rediske says the  report compiled using new toxicology data is “significant” because it  says the acceptable level of PFAS should be seven to ten times lower  than the level previously recommended by the EPA, which was 70 parts per  trillion.

That calls into question whether wells that tested positive for lower levels of PFAS are safe for drinking.

PFAS has been detected in wells in Plainfield Township and Rockford, near Wolverine Worldwide’s former dump sites.

Seven wells near a Person Township landfill used by the shoemaker also tested positive for PFAS, but the levels were well below the EPA limit, with the highest reading at 50 ppt. 

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