Local woman's new job part of international scam


KENTWOOD, Mich. (WOOD) — A suburban Grand Rapids woman looking for work online found herself set up to be a dupe for international scammers.

In just one day,  Rebecca, who asked to be identified only by her first name, applied for about 200 jobs online.

"Within a couple of days, this 'Breshears' called me (and) hired me," she told Target 8 investigators.  

The company calling itself Breshears Consulting LLC sent her a contract and "made it sound so good," she said.

"(It was) going to pay me $500 a week to do quality control, what they referred to as," she said.

Her job was to receive packages, open them up, check the goods, repackage them and ship them to another location using mailing labels the company would send her.

She was curious, so she started researching the job online. She quickly found out that she had been targeted by a scam. She called police.

The real purpose of her work was to help crooks cover their tracks as they used stolen credit information to order goods from unsuspecting sellers.

Full story: WOOD TV


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