Grand Rapids tames hazardous tree problem


GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — On a hot day, the Cherry Street Park's splash pad is a great place for the kids to cool off and families to enjoy shade from the trees.

Keisha Nash has a favorite tree. 

“I love the leaves on it. The flowers are super pretty. Kids stand under it while we wait for the bus,” she said.

Nash has never given the condition of those trees much thought.

“It's not really a concern of mine. They don’t look dead. I'm not worried about a branch falling off anytime soon,” she elaborated.

But Joe Sulak does worry about those risks. As the superintendent of Grand Rapids’ parks, Sulak oversaw last year’s inventory of city trees — about 86,000 in all — and found major concerns.

Along with the more than 1,500 that were considered top priority and had to be cut down, nearly 1,400 needed a good pruning to eliminate dead limbs and rejuvenate the tree.

The biggest concern was public safety.

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