9,000 or 900 fans, Whitecaps announcer loves job

PLAINFIELD TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WOOD) — If you have been to Fifth Third Ballpark for a West Michigan Whitecaps game anytime in the last 22 seasons, you've heard Mike Newell's voice. 

"Once in a while people will stop me and say, 'Gosh, your voice sounds familiar. What do you do?'" Newell said.

He's the public address announcer for the Whitecaps. When he auditioned for the position, he was also considering a role in a Shakespeare play. He says the decision to join the Whitecaps was pretty easy.

No matter what the attendance at the Comstock Park ballpark, Newell says his job is always performance-based.

"I love having 9,000 people here," he said. "Even if there's 900 people here, I love it. You don't have any idea who's sitting there. I want to do the best job I can. It may be the first time someone has ever heard something I have to say."

While there are newcomers, there's a reason Newell's voice gets recognized. The Whitecaps have had strong attendance in their 25 years and last week welcomed their 10 millionth fan to a game.

"I do like the responsibility," Newell said. "I take it seriously because when I say something, I'm representing the Whitecaps. It's a very respected organization and a large part of the fabric of West Michigan."

So, too, is Newell. 

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