W MI baby's death prompts more oversight at CPS

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — The death of a Wyoming baby who was left alone for two days, strapped in a car seat in his home, is prompting a policy shift at the state agency accused of failing him.

Children’s Protective Services will now require a higher-level manager to sign off on caseworker decisions involving families whose CPS histories meet certain criteria.

Noah Johnson’s mom brought his lifeless body to a hospital on July 19, 2017. An autopsy showed the 6-month-old had severe diaper rash and had been dead for some time.

Police said Lovily Johnson, 22 at the time of her son’s death, admitted to leaving her baby boy alone over a period of days while she hung out with friends and smoked pot. She told police she checked on him once during that time, at which time she gave him a bottle and sang him a song.

Full story: WOOD TV


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