REVIEWED: 'Incredibles 2' is just as good as the original, 14 years later



PHOTO CREDIT: Disney Pictures

"Incredibles 2" starts right where the last one ended.

Warning: There are mild spoilers ahead for "Incredibles 2."

The wait is almost over.

"Incredibles 2" is in theaters Friday and it's well worth the 14-year wait since the original film's 2004 release.

The sequel starts right where the last film left off, with the Incredible family going after the Underminer who appeared at the end of the original movie.

Though superheroes are banned, Helen Parr/Mrs. Incredible (Holly Hunter) is recruited for a job to help bring heroes back into the limelight. So this time, roles are reversed in the sequel. Mrs. Incredible is out fighting crime while Mr. Incredible stays at their nice new home to watch over the kids and see if he can tackle Helen's job as a homemaker. 

Amid balancing family and work, the Incredibles' soon discover there's a sinister force working to keep superheroes underground, and it's a problem they can only solve together as a team.



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