A dazzling annual meteor shower starts this week — here's how to watch it

By Jeremy Berke-at BusinessInsider.com

  • The Lyrid meteor shower returns this week.
  • Head out before dawn on Sunday, April 22 to get your best glimpse.
  • It's one of the oldest recorded meteor showers in human history.

The dazzling Lyrid meteor shower is starting this week.

The annual shower, which happens between April 16 and 25 each year, occurs when the Earth passes through the tail of a comet.

While meteor showers are difficult to accurately predict, you'll probably get your best glimpse of it in the early morning hours of April 22 (if you're in the northern hemisphere), when the waxing moon is least likely to interfere. That's when the meteor shower is supposed to "peak," with around 10-20 meteors per hour showing, according to EarthSky.

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