Lawsuit Filed Against Uber by Female Passengers Alleging Rape

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Two women have filed a lawsuit against Uber in San Francisco. The pair of plaintiffs are seeking class-action status for their suit on behalf of all "female rides that have experienced rape, sexual assault, or gender-motivated harasment at the hands of their Uber drivers." 

The two women wish to remain anonymus according to their attorney. 

After the #MeToo campaign went viral online, thousands of women and men shared stories of sexual assault or harassment through posts on social media. The campaign included hundreds of people who singled out Uber, saying they'd been harassed by drivers - female drivers also said they'd been harrassed by passengers. 

Several states, including California, Massachusetts and Texas have investigated Uber before for failing to adequately screening drivers. 

Uber's website states that the company is committed to "keeping people safe on the road," and they remain focused on "rider safety before, during and after every trip."

This isn't the first bit of bad press for Uber. The company has faced multiple complaints this year about its ride-sharing service, including a #DeleteUber movement which started up in January and an internal investigation by former US Attorney General Eric Holder into sexual harassment allegations. 

The lawsuit against Uber was filed in California's US District Court for the Northern District. Court documents show the plaintiffs claim their Uber drivers assaulted them in two separate incidents.


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