5 dead, elementary students wounded in California shooting spree

RANCHO TEHAMA, Calif. — At least five people are dead, including a suspected shooter, and multiple students are being treated after shootings at several scenes in rural northern California including an elementary school, according to a Tehama County sheriff's official.

Deputies were first alerted around 8 am about a shooter in Rancho Tehama Reserve, according to Tehama County Assistant Sheriff Phil Johnston via CBS. The incident is said to have started at a residence before moving near a school.

"That evolved to multiple victims and multiple shots at the school," Johnston said, adding that he's been told the suspected shooter was shot and killed by law enforcement.

"I know that we have Medivaced a number of students," Johnston said, referring to the use of helicopters for the emergency transport of victims to hospitals. 

Johnston said the school had been cleared by 10 a.m. but he did not have any information about the victims there.All other students have been brought to a safe location, he said.

Source: CBS 


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