Company responsible for toxic tap water: ‘We want to fix it’

ROCKFORD, Mich. (via WOOD TV 8) — A Wolverine Worldwide executive told Target 8 he doesn’t know how many old dump sites might turn up in northern Kent County, but he said the shoemaker will take responsibility for them.

“This is certainly a tough situation that no one wants to be in right now, but we want to make it right, we want to fix it,” Christopher Hufnagel, senior vice president for strategy for the Rockford-based company, said Thursday.

Target 8 had reached out to interview Wolverine officials in recent weeks, but the company declined. Then, Thursday, the company reached out to Target 8, saying it wanted to let residents know what it is doing to respond to a growing water crisis.

On Thursday, a new dump site recently identified in the 8100 block of Ramsdell Drive NE prompted nearby East Rockford Middle School to stop using well water until testing can determine if it’s contaminated with a likely carcinogen. As a precaution, students and staff used bottled water.

The dump site is one of four in the Rockford area.

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