We all know how Monday's can be....once you’ve made it through Monday and all of its drudgery, it's now Tuesday, and there is more than half the work week to go.  The work week looks far less bleak when WOOD Radio and The Beltline Bar team, up to bring you “Burrito Tuesday”. 

Each Tuesday, we'll be asking you to nominate someone you think is worthy of carrying the title as our "Beltline Bar Burrito Buddy of the week"! 

To nominate someone as our "Beltline Bar Burrito Buddy of the week", just tell us in a few sentences or less why the person you're nominating deserves the title of "BURRITO BUDDY".  Email your entries anytime to producersam@woodradio.com that's producersam@woodradio.com

Then be sure to listen each Tuesday morning between 5-9am on WOOD radio to hear if we choose your friend as that week's "Beltline Bar Burrito Buddy".

Each winner chosen receives a $25.00 Beltline Bar Gift Certificate from WOOD Radio and the Beltline Bar. 


 Don't let Tuesday's get the best of you!  Help us identify your favorite Burrito Buddy, from the Beltline Bar and WOOD radio!



Beltline Bar Fun FACTS

The Beltline Bar goes through 175,000 lbs of aged Colby cheese a year which comes to us in 40lb blocks and we hand shred daily


The Beltline Bar's ground beef comes from a local butcher in Hudsonville, MI (Tolman's Wholesale Meats) and the grind and the lean ratio is made to our secret specifications


All spice blends for the hot & mild salsa, taco meat, burrito sauce, chicken asado, verde sauce are hand mixed by Jeff. Only two people have ever blended these spice mixes


The Beltline Bar uses only fresh chicken tenderloins for our chicken asado which is used in our wet burritos, tacos, chimis & enchiladas


The Beltline Bar sold 143,739 wet burritos last year and 75,596 margaritas!


The Beltline Bar first opened its doors in 1953 as a 20x30 square foot restaurant that served up beer, wine, hot dogs and popcorn


The best estimate is that the Beltline Bar has served over 10 million meals in its 60 year history!