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The Domain of Possibilities

The Domain of Possibilities
Posted March 12th, 2013 @ 4:15pm


This weekend we embark on what is the closest thing to a tournament the UFC has put on in a long time as over half the card is made up of welterweights.  The main event has been a barn burner in the sense that the media calls have verbally set the stage for the firefight we have all been hoping Georges St. Pierre had in him.  Nick Diaz has been able to crawl under Georges’ skin and after being removed from a title shot and getting suspended, this Saturday all of that history has been forgotten.  But the words, the words can’t be taken back.

I was listening to Dr. Amit Goswami the theoretical quantum physicist (on the Joe Rogan podcast) talk the other day about when an electron leaps from one atom to another.  The fascinating part of this process is that when that exchange of energy happens the electron doesn’t exist in the space between the two atoms.  It simply orbits one atom and then “poof” it is orbiting the other.  That space where it doesn’t exists as we know it; he calls the “domain of possibility.”  That domain is happening right now as we anticipate what is to happen this weekend at UFC 158.  With the media call last week, the words that Nick and Georges have exchanged leading up to the signing of this fight, and everything we know about fighting as a sport – this should be what Georges calls his “dark place” of a fight.

But in the back of my mind is a history of GSP fights and the blueprint that Carlos laid out as to how to frustrate and shake Nick Diaz from his typical gameplan of hands by his side, punches in bunches, and wear you down until he can finish you. 

So do I think that Georges is going to throw his strategy out the window, run across the octagon on Saturday and KO Nick in the first minute? Probably not, instead I think that Georges is going to shake Nick off his game and frustrate him for 25 minutes. Because if there are two knocks against the “kid from Stockton” it is that he is an extremely emotional fighter who doesn’t seem to adapt in the fight very well.  The Carlos Condit fight illustrates this point and while Carlos had a great outing against Georges – even testing GSP in a way we had not seen in a long time.  Georges will not be coming off a long layoff and is clearly motivated to beat Nick and move on to a new chapter of his championship.

The domain of possibilities makes the countdown to Saturday interesting and palpable but once these two men get into the Octagon I think you will see GSP play an expert game of human chess and drive Nick to a place of frustration and desperation where Georges can capitalize and get a finish that in his mind he clearly would like to get.  A finish is what GSP would like to get it to excite his fans, quiet the naysayers, and most importantly quickly the “uneducated fool” Nick Diaz.

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