,  calls Petcube "the savior that lonely pets everywhere have been waiting for." We think they're exactly right. BusinessInsider says Petcube is a 4-inch by 4-inch cube with a built-in wide angle camera where you can see your pet. It lets you have a conversation with your pet using speakers and a microphone and inks up to your smartphone using a WiFi connection. It also gives you control over a laser pointer so you can exercise your pet from afar.

Petcube was co-founded by Alex Neskin, Yaroslav Azhnyuk, and Andrey Klen, and was inspired by problems Neskin was having when he left his dog at home. Back their very cool and smart  Kickstarter here.

(*EDITORS NOTE)  The project has now raised close to $38,000 of its $100,000 as of this writing. The first shipments of the Petcube are due in May 2014.