High school theater may not be the most brilliant of productions, but two high school language teachers were especially bored of the production.

Alini Brito (right), 34, and Cindy Mauro (left), 38, both foreign language teachers at Brooklyn's James Madison HS in 2009 ditched the production to, as the NY Post put it so eloquently, "engage in a topless classroom tryst."

The duo was caught by school safety agents making out topless.

Both were soon fired,which is to be expected - hanky panky, sans clothing, in school doesn't really fly these days, but in 2012 the two were granted a second administrative hearing.

Manhattan Appellate judges ruled that the teachers were treated "too harshly" in being dismissed for, to reiterate, engaging in topless sexual behavior in a school classroom.

Thursday the higher court decided the women really only deserve a slap on the wrist and ordered the Department of Education to impose a penalty lesser than firing.

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Photo courtesy of NYPost.com