In honor of #NationalBeerDay, this is the 60 Second Pour!

For ages 21+ only please, enjoy responsibly, be creative, and always form your own opinions!

Here is how Founders Describes thier KBS.

An imperial stout brewed with a massive amount of coffee and chocolates, then cave-aged in oak bourbon barrels for an entire year to make sure wonderful bourbon undertones come through in the finish. Makes your taste buds squeal with delight. ABV (Alcohol): 11.2% IBUs (International Bittering Units): 70

The barrels are back! The Kentucky Breakfast Stout is out!

It is one of the most anticipated beers that comes out of Grand Rapids. Even with other flavorful creations like the CBS Imperial Stout, and the one time Cashew Coffee brew.

Once yeast is added to the chilled wet substance after the brewer's boil comes conditioning and fermentation. This is where at some point beer is taken out of the usual stainless steel tanks and put into wooden barrels. It can be there for months or years.

The most common barrels used are bourbon/whiskey, rum, cognac, and wine industries. The origin of the wood used ranges from US to Hungary. More on barrel aged beers here.

Alcohol is made by yeasts eating simple sugars extracted or added during the brewing process. Complex sugars can add to the overall sweetness of an alcoholic beverage. Enjoy responsibly!

Grand Rapids Michigan is known for it's old gypsum mines that are now used primarily for storage, beneath the busy city streets.

Where do we detect bitter or roasted flavors?

Bitterness is detected at the back of the tongue. Wine enthusiasts are missing out.

Why is there a variety of glassware?

Beer glasses are designed to control temperature and carbonation. Body heat from your hand will naturally warm the beer. Narrowing at the base of the glass will keep the beverage cooler longer. 

beer 1

Narrowing at the rim of the glass will decrease the rate of the escaping carbonation. Also, if you have a growler or howler that sits for a while--try pouring the beer at a greater distance from the glass or very gently rotate the vessel to stir up the carbonation that has settled.

beer 2

For more info on a particular beer style feel free to check out a BJCP site or app.