The Irwindale City Council unanimously voted Wednesday declaring the spicy smell resulting from production of the hot chili sauce Sriracha  a "public nuisance".

The trouble began October 2013 when the city of Irwindale, California filed a lawsuit against the spicy sauce manufacturer, Huy Fong Foods. Residents of Irwindale complain the smell from the factory burns their eyes and throats and sued Huy Fong Foods seeking the sauce go else where for manufacture.

In November 2013, a judge orders Huy Fong Foods cease operations causing noxious odors and make changes to correct the offensive odor, sending all Sriracha lovers into a hoarding panic.

The 4-0 vote Wednesday means the hot sauce maker will have about 90 days to mitigate the odor. Huy Fong Foods attorney John Tate plans to submit an action place within 10 days and have the smell corrected by June 1, according to the LA Times.

Mark your calendars Sriracha lovers and keep an eye on this story, you may want to start stockpiling if Huy Fong Foods can't keep their end of the bargain.


(Fun fact: The Scoville Scale rates the sauce 1,000-2,500 equating to a medium heat or two out of five chili peppers. Yup, that's right, Sriracha is "medium.)