The Smithsonian is making a new push for the 3D imaging and printing of artifacts.

The files will be available to the public so they could print a replica of artifacts if they have access to a 3D printer.

More information from the Associated Press follows:

With most of its 137 million objects kept behind the scenes, the Smithsonian Institution is launching a new 3D scanning and printing initiative to make more artifacts accessible to schools, researchers and the public.

A small team has begun creating 3D models of some key objects at the world's largest museum complex. They include the Wright brothers' first airplane, Amelia Earhart's flight suit and casts of President Abraham Lincoln's face.
On Wednesday, the Smithsonian is launching a new 3D viewer online to give people a closer look at artifacts they can't touch. The data can also be downloaded in schools, printed with a 3D printer and used to help illustrate lessons.
Digital director Gunter Waibel says museums are working to redefine their relationship with audiences to be more interactive.