SELF asked Monika Allen if the magazine could feature a photo of a runner sporting a newer tutu trend, and she happily obliged.

Allen sent SELF a photo of herself proudly sporting a Wonder Woman-esk tutu ensemble while running a marathon, but she had no idea the photo would be used for evil rather than good.

The magazine printed the photo mocking the new tutu fad, but didn't ask  Allen any questions about the back story of the photo or the tutus.

If you look closely at the photo you can see that Allen's friend's number patch says "DIE TUMOR DIE", and that's because Allen was in the middle of a battle with cancer when she ran the marathon.

Allen makes and sells the frilly gear under her company Glam Runner, which raises funds for a charity that empowers young girls.

Glam Runner posted a status on their Facebook page after SELF printed the column:

SELF later apologized describing the situation as "regretful" and "mortifying".


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