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Here's how Consumers Energy handles power outages and restoration:

Our storm outage restoration process

Consumers Energy understands the impact of a power outage to our customers.  We’re dedicated to restoring power as quickly and safely as possible.  Our power restoration process follows:

Step 1: Identify and Analyze Outages based on Customer Calls

Consumers Energy uses a map-based outage management system to identify problems on the electric grid based on customer calls.

Step 2: Restore Facilities that Most Impact Public Health, Safety and Commerce

Hospitals, police and fire agencies, radio and TV media outlets, telephone and communication equipment organizations and water and sewer facilities are restored as soon as possible.  Next, high-priority businesses and other facilities that affect the most customers are restored.

Step 3: Restore Remaining Power

Remaining equipment is restored in the following priority order: High voltage lines, substations, primary distribution lines, transformers and secondary lines.  When possible, sections of damaged power lines are isolated and restored before repairing severely damaged lines to restore customers more quickly.