Men and women are different. That much we can all agree on and hopefully accept as fact.  That said, these recent statistics unveiled by NOAA, the National Oceanic And Atmospheric Administration show some interesting patterns in the overall number of lightning deaths across America.  The NOAA stats were recently updated to show all deaths by lightning from from 2006 thru July 2014.  After that data was published, Storm Team 8 Chief Meteorologist Bill Steffen had this to say on his weather blog:

..."there may be a few(lightning deaths)  here that didn’t get counted.  Note that the ratio of men to women is significant.  Over these 8 1/2 years, 81% of lightning fatalities have been male.   You’ll find a similar ratio in most countries of the world.  I remember playing in a golf tournament at Saskatoon many years ago.  There were a lot of men and women playing as a thunderstorm moved in.  There were numerous close cloud-ground lightning strokes.  Every single women left the course and came back to the clubhouse, as did most of the men…but a significant number of men stayed out on the course…holding up umbrellas and metal golf clubs and pins – most were waiting but a few actually continued to play in the rain.  There have been 19 fatalities this year.  Florida has the most of any state with 6. Michigan so far has just one lightning death this year."

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