(Courtesy DaveRamsey.com)

A yard sale is a dream come true for a person who is on a budget or just generally wants to save money. You have to admit, finding a $50 item for $15 makes you feel like, well, a million dollars.

But even so, there are some used things you shouldn’t buy at a yard sale, even if you get a steep discount. They may pose a health risk or not work the way they should. It can be hard to resist a cheap price tag, but spending money on a non-quality object is just as bad as overspending for something new. Either way, money is wasted.

Item #1 To Avoid At Yard Sale:   Bicycle helmets. Helmets are pretty tough, but they are made to withstand only one crash. So don’t buy one at a garage sale, because it may have already met the pavement.

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