Thanks to writer Justin Abarca at BuzzFeed, every man in America will now have better fashion sense. 

What kinds of these are we talking about?  Well as you peruse the list, you'll agree that most of the 20 are pretty obvious.

For example, here's thing  #8 on the "things guys over 30 should never wear...CROCS.  For any man who wears Crocs, just don't do it. As the article points out..."Unless you are gardening or working in a kitchen these have no excuse to be anywhere near your feet. NO EXCUSE."

And if you're a guy who loves #9, we apologize to you in advance as we realize some men still find the utility is this piece of old school clothing.

Trust us, if you're a guy, and you're 30 or really do need to see all 20 of these Things No Guy Over 30 Should Ever Wear.