It is that time of year again for those of us who have children in High School (especially seniors) or college.

The begging is starting to roll in about wanting to go with their friends on spring break, and though we want our children to have fun and have these life experiences it is also important to know where they are going is safe, and not too wild! 

I came across this list that informs the public of the "20 Trashiest American Spring Break Destinations" and shockingly most of them are in Florida! 


20.Breckenridge Colorado

19. Daytona Beach

18.San Jaun, Puerto Rico

17.Killington, VT

16. Key West, FL

15. Gulf Shores, AL

14. Destin, FL

13. Virginia Beach, VA

12. Lake Havasu, AZ

11. San Diego, CA

10. Scottsdale, AZ

09. Ft. Myers, FL

08. Tampa, FL

07. Miami, FL

06. South Padre Island, TX

05. Myrtle Beach, SC

04. Orlando, FL

03. New Orleans, LA

02. Panama City Beach, FL

01. Las Vegas, NV