Dogs really are a man's best friend! Especially when they save your life! 

Staff Sgt. Julian McDonald would never leave a brother behind, which was why he wouldn’t let anyone tell him that he couldn’t adopt the bomb-sniffing dog who saved his life.

When he was serving in Afghanistan, McDonald sent Layka (bomb sniffing dog) into a building where she was shot 4 times by enemy forces. Though the resilient pup was severely injured, she managed to still subdue the shooter, protecting her handler and the other servicemen involved in the mission, National Geographic reported.

So when McDonald returned home, he was eager to adopt Layka, who had her front leg amputated as a result of her injuries. He faced a tremendous amont of push back, as sadly many veterans do in the process. Some claimed she was too aggressive to live with a family, but McDonald disagreed and eventually won the right to bring her home.