I know how I feel about aging, but it is interesting to hear what they think about it!

Ringo Starr, 73: “As long as I can hold the sticks, it [making music] can go on forever; it’s something you don’t have to retire from.”

Keith Richards, 70: “I’m still an apprentice. There’s always stuff to learn. I wouldn’t be surprised if were doing this in 10 years and Mick [age 70] will still be able to do amazing pirouettes.”


Phil Lesh, 74, a founding member and bassist for Grateful Dead, who has been playing with the band Further, alongside Dead bandmate Bob Weir, 66. Lesh spoke about the joy he gets these days performing on stage with his sons, Grahame and Brian, calling their “Lesh genetic blend” musicmaking “magical” and “totally fulfilling.” A liver transplant and prostate cancer survivor, Lesh finishes his concerts urging audience members to fill out organ donor cards.


Joni Mitchell, 70, who has struggled with vocal nodules, a compressed larynx, lingering effects of childhood polio and Morgellons syndrome, said: “It’s hard to tell what is age decline and what is disease.” Mitchell often asks herself: ‘What can I fight and what do I have to accept? That’s my battle at this time.”


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